Rover-3.3.1-rc1/-rc2 available for beta testing!

Rover-3.3.1-rc1 is available through the Mission Planner (and perhaps other GCS’s) beta firmwares link. The changes vs 3.3.0 are in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below:

Changes from 3.3.0:

  1. Vectored Thrust to improve attitude control for boats with rotating motors
  2. minor changes and bug fixes:
    a) remove jump forward when transitioning from forward to reverse
    b) safety switch allows disarming motors (was disabled in 3.3.0)

Also 3.3.1-rc2 includes this fix:

  1. bug fix use of ATC_STR_RAT_MAX to limit maximum rate rate

All testing people can do is greatly appreciated. If all goes well we will release this as the official version in a week or so.

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By the way, here is the Vectored Thrust wiki page. This is an important feature for boats that aim the motor with the steering servo. It’s not hard to setup though really, basically just set MOT_VEC_THR_BASE to 20 and it should just work.