Rover 3.2.0 UAVCAN supported?

Can anyone out there tell me if Rover 3.2.0 supports UAVCAN? I was hoping to use a Zubax GNSS on my next boat which seems easiest to configure via UAVCAN.

Thanks all

AFAIK it should be supported, yes.

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Hi all,

I’m trying to add new sensors on the CAN of my pixhack v3. I thought to go through NSH to command directly the CAN module to do my test but I find no way to get access to the uavcan command.
Everything seems to be good, CAN is enbled in the mission planner and I can see the apm_uavcan when I type ps on nsh.
Is there something I missed to do to enable the uavcan command ?

Thanks in advance for your help

The nsh shell is probably not the way to test it because we have mostly consolidated our drivers so they are used across all board types (the nsh shell is pixhawk specific).

Our best UAVCAN documentation is here although I suspect you’ve already seen this…

Canbus support has been greatly improved but not in the release version yet. You might try dev. If you use a slcan adapter like the Zubax Babel you can monitor the CANbus messages. If you use Mission Planner there are many more parameters with dev than release firmware for CANbus. Enable CAN and reboot for mission planner to show the new parameters.

I wrote this article for copter but it might help.

@rmackay9, yes, I know the documentation but I didn’t find the information I look for. Actually, I previously worked directly on the PX4 project. I was able to add any new command in the shell and to manipulate it step after step to improve my understanding but in ardupilot, it seems that the configuration of the shell command if done differently and after many hours spent in the makefiles and the source code, I arrive to the conclusion that I don’t understand how it works…

@mike, thank you for this link. It is interresting and I’m going to buy this board in case I would not manage to do it with the embedded UAVCAN. You said that the dev version offers much more options. I’m working directly on the master… How can I do to switch on the dev version ?

Thanks a lot to you both

getting a SLCAN adapter is the best advice I can offer … the ArduPilot environment is not yet as user and diagnosing friendly as PX4, and the SLCAN adapter gives you really the microscope one needs to see what’s going on on the CAN bus
you can get the Zubax Babel ( Mike already mentioned or also hack it together on the cheap and quick using the Uavcan4Hobbyists (UC4H) SLCAN adapter ( As software you could use the excellent UAVCAN GUI Tool (

master = dev

As OlliW pointed out dev is Master. So you are there. Most people are not using master and would see a very different view of CANbus.

I use OllIW SLCan USB adapter versus the commercially available Babel and as he mentioned with UAVCAN GUI, a tool to inspect messages on the CANbus you get a great look into the activity, live.

I love UAVCAN and wish it was completed for Ardupilot. If you are interested in CANbus DIY with Ardupliot definitely look at UC4H.

OK good, then I’m going to use the SLCAN adapter but I don’t really understand why it could not be done directly with the pixhawk. Perhaps do I need to add a new protocol ? I’m going to gather the data with the SLCAN and in parallel, I’ll try to add a new protocol to make my pixhawk able to read the data from the OBD-II.

Thanks for your advice