Rover 3.1.1 Throttle with Pixracer

Has Pixracer been confirmed working with Rover 3.1.1? I cannot seem to get a throttle signal out. It Arms (all checks off) but nothing out (ESC doesn’t initialize). Steering (channel 1) functions. Mission Planner shows it’s responding from the Rx and if I connect the ESC to chan 1 the motor will run with steering input so I know the hardware is good. Unless the PIxracer itself is faulty but before I dig into that, maybe by loading copter and checking it out, I thought I would ask here. This is not skid steer, just a typical ESC with a steering servo.

Well I mapped the Throttle from Ch 3 to Ch 2 and it works. So I suppose the Pixracer is at fault. Problem solved with this workaround.

I don’t have a Pixracer but you shouldn’t have to remap it. When you say you mapped CH3 to CH2 what actual change did you make?

Thanks, Grant.

I agree but I could not get a throttle signal out of chan 3 on the FC. I made the change as per the attached in MP and setup the Tx configuration on the Taranis to support it and it works fine. My assumption is this particular Pixracer has a hardware problem.

Weird but as long as its working I guess that’s fine. Great work!

Thanks, Grant.