Routing MAVLink messages to/from multiple GCS devices

I am building a custom joystick controller based around teensy 3.2 and would like to display feedback on the controller lights, for things like flight mode, or perhaps current speed, etc. The same controller will be used to control the plane, through Mission Planner.
I would like to create some kind of routing that lets me send/receive MAVLink messages from mission planner to my controller. The idea is that the 3DR Radio will provide a link to the plane, and these messages will be relayed to the controller to display the feedback. The controller on the other hand will be sending MAVLink messages to Mission planner, and these need to be relayed to the plane, for example RC commands, or mode commands etc.
Is there a native way for mission planner to achieve this? Are there any 3rd party tools I can use to achieve this?

Press CTRL-F and select Mavlink from the left side of buttons. You can add a com port or a TCP/UDP port to mirror the incoming mavlink stream. The only drawback that you have to do it every time when you start Mission Planner.