Rough/choppy servo gimbal movement, why?

Video is HERE. Notice how bumpy it is? Do I need to switch to a brushless gimbal servo type to have it smooth or is there a setting to help that?

The purpose of this home made one axis gimbal is to keep the camera pointing straight down for the first 20deg of roll that the aircraft does, so smoothness is important as the choppy motion will add camera blur.

In the past you needed a separate control board to run a brushless gimbal motor like this one. Is that still true? The one I am using now runs straight off of the autopilot as it is just a digital servo.

Servos are too slow, you need a separated brushless gimbal + control board to achieve what you want.

Agreed. I’ve experimented with a lot of number combos and nothing makes it smooth enough to work. I’m gonna go brushless.

What servo gimbal did you end up using?