Rotoye Batmon tested with Ardupilot

As of recently, Rotoye’s newest Smart-Battery solution has been tested with what is currently a modified fork of Ardupilot. Batmon is a small B.M.S. deisnged to be integrated into battery packs for remote vehicle use cases. It interfaces with an autopilot (tested with Pixhawk 4) over SMBus to transmit crucial data such as cell voltages, current, battery temperature, and a capacity estimate which accounts for all of the above.

This is incomplete information. Please provide links to the fork, and to the Batmon product page. Where can it be bought? How much does it cost?

Did you already do a pull request to integrate the changes upstream ?

I had accidentally submitted the post for review before adding links and image.

We’re currently continuation testing of our current prototype and hoping to kickstart a larger production run in the near future- price is TBD. We have not made the pull request yet, as the current driver is working around what we believe to be a HAL bug for our specific board, and are working with dev’s to get this worked out and integrate the driver properly for all platforms.

Smart battery options coming to market is a great thing! Well done on putting the effort in to do this.
Consider making a pull request earlier rather than later, as submitting a WIP PR for review can often make it easier to get in. Getting hardware out to some of the core team can aid with testing too.

@nbelanger99can you update this post please. What is latest status? I know you have a kickstarter since i backed it.

We would like to get a pull request for some of the changes to get Ardupilot to interface with BatMon. Is there an Ardupilot discussion forum for this ?

I’d suggest just making the pull request in GitHub and working through any issues with the reviewers. is another option if you have some specific development questions

Submitted pull request


How about doing a PR for the Ardupilot wiki ?
If the users see it on our wiki they might want to buy it!

@nbelanger99 ping . It would help a lot