Rotation on motors Tricopter

Hi everyone. I have a tricopter which flies great in all manual modes but today I realized on a picture that on APM the two motors in the front should rotate the other way (outwards while mine rotate inwards as on ex kk board) and get curious on how this affects the flight performance? I see there is an alternative configuration where I can have all motors going the same way without changing. I experience my yaw performance good but also I know that the copter might be struggling behind the scenes to keep heading.

Configuration according to 3DR

My configuration

Is there any point in changing the configuration besides just “good to be sure”? I have everything soldered and wired inside carbon tubes.

My tricopter

Your configuration is fine, especially since it’s clearly working for you. The “best” way to run a tri is for the two front motors to spin opposite, so they cancel out each other’s torque. As long as they are opposite, the APM doesn’t really know which way they are turning. It is possible to have both front motors turning in the same direction but then the tail servo has to tilt the tail motor over more to compensate for the uncancelled torque.

Okaj thanx for a good explanation. I was not sure whether it still used them for rotation or if it was just the tail servo. If it would have used them for rotation it would be working against itself and having to give even more angle on the servo but I guess because of the physical structure that one motor cant do that without getting the tricopter leaning on its side in the process. Thank you for clarifying, then there is no need to change anything. =)