Rotating decent after mission completion

I have had this happen to two different aircraft of the same exact make and components. When the mission completed the aircraft descended uncontrolled but at a slow decent rate and a pirouette. The aircraft didn’t respond to controls from either the RC controller or Mission planner. Both times this happened the flight went smooth, no issues except at the of the mission. Both aircraft have been flying for a while now.

One aircraft has the pixhawk v1 the other was a 2.1 cube.
15inch prop
4012 KDE motors
KDE 35amp esc’s

I didn’t notice any clipping or EKF issues.
Link to tlog/rlog

Am I missing something here, no thoughts??

You need to post a .bin file from the flight controller.

Thanks for that input, I went to grab the .bin from the SD card and found there was a Logging error on boot up and the past 3 mission bin files were corrupt. I also saw the last mission and there seemed to be a ghost mission on under the main mission.

I reformatted the Kingston SD card and everything seems to be working well so far, a few flights and it seems like there is no more issue.