Rotary Encoder Freeze pixhawk

Hi all, I’m runing a quadrature rotary wheel encoder with 200 PPR on pixhawk 2.1 (Rover 3.4.2).
Everything is working great but at high RPM Mission Planner freeze and the rover is driving at the last speed he had without being able to stop, the joystick is not working, can’t change mode and even when i disconnect the telemetry he just keeps going (i have failsafe enabled).
It seems to me that the encoder pulses overload the cpu and make my pixhawk freeze.

I tried ignoring the interrupts and refer only to 1 out of 5 interrupts, what i saw is that i can drive at higher speeds but there was a higher delay in commands the faster i go.


Thanks for the report… it’s possible but it would be good to get a log. Also if possible could the test be done with Rover-3.5? Quite a lot changed between 3.4 and 3.5. There is a known issue with the wheel encoder support in Rover-3.5 but hopefully it works well enough to at least perform the test.