ROS2 support state

I got the notification regarding your issue @jacob-CyberB and noticed I forgot to update this post! :sweat_smile:

While I can’t say anything about your problem (it’s not something I’ve encountered), I can leave some useful reference for what I was facing myself.
It turned out, after some more testing and debugging, that my problem of not being able to see nodes and topics with ROS2 was due to the ROS_DOMAIN_ID variable I set in .bashrc.
Once that once commented out, I was able to see everything correctly.
Here’s the GitHub issue that unlocked that knowledge for me, so to speak.

EDIT: to be precise, I too have seen the paramftp: bad count XXXX should be YYYY warning, both myself and during a debug session, but it didn’t seem to cause any problem. I might be wrong though!

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Thank For sharing the info indeed i tired to remove ROS_DOMAIN from bashrc didn’t help unfortunately
my serial connection still crashing , and when i try the udp way i am stuck at the initialization phase

can you share the version of microdds gen
microxrceddsgen -version

sorry about the late reply!
here you go, this is what I have

your set-up is exactly like mine (was thinking maybe its something with the xrce gen version), i will keep looking :eyes:

Thank You for the help !

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@jacob-CyberB have you figured out the problem? I’m having exactly the same issue. xrce agent keeps crashing on me with std::bad_array_new_length.
@rfriedman Hi there, can I set up a troubleshooting session with you?

Sorry for missing this; can someone who is facing the bad array length problem file an issue on the eProsima’s issue tracker here? Issues · eProsima/Micro-XRCE-DDS-Agent · GitHub
Then, post the issue here, so I can assist.

It would be helpful to know what platform this is occurring on, and what commit hash of ArduPilot you are running.

I haven’t ran into it myself yet, so I’ll need some guidance on how to reproduce it.