ROS2 integration for Rover

I’m getting farther and farther off in the weeds as my skills with ArduRover are improving. I’ve been building a small electric quad atv testbed go development with and now have it doing all the basics (still a tone of tuning to work out, and haven’t implemented reverse throttle yet) . The application will be to scale up for agriculture research . Most new products on the market currently are heavily dependent on RTK Gps for precision path planning and guidance, which will be included but for the work we are doing we can’t be dependent on it. Next major goal is going to be integrating our ROS2 companion but I’m sort of stuck in terms of understanding if that’s even possible at this point with ardurover. It appears that PX4 already has a stack for the ROS2 integration but I’m not finding anything of the sort for ardurover? I’ve searched to death looking for info and have come up empty. Does anyone know if there is anyone doing work to support ROS2 in ArduPilot platform?


Unfortunately, no… We want to do it but as it will be a time consuming task nobody got time nor find a funding to do it…
Unless a bridge like MAVROS appears or we find a funding (I am available), we won’t have ROS2 support.
You could still use the ROS2 to ROS1 bridge to use MAVROS

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Well I guess sign me up to take a stab at it . Mostly I wanted to avoid duplicating work if there was already a project out there. I’m a software engineer so I guess it’s time to donate something of value to the ArduPilot project.

Actually there’s an advanced effort towards ROS2 MAVROS: . As the author put this on hold, I’m going to finish it on my own. Will inform here

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Excellent I saw that but couldn’t figure out what the state of it was.