ROS sending obstacle_distance to fcu almost works!

Friends. I have zed and JetsonTX2 running ROS. After much effort and lots of input from various blogs I managed to get /laser/scan data out of the zed camera and publish to /mavros/obstacle/distance/send on CubeOrange running ardurover 4.2.2
I see the OBSTACLE_DISTANCE data on MP mavlink inspector (Yay!). It is correct and around 9 Hz.
BUT how do I use it for OA ? Nothing shows on the proximity display !
I feel I have done the hard part and perhaps an ardurover/MP expert can figure out how I can use this data for OA.

Nobody replied but I got it working and showing on proximity display. There is still a problem - the proximity display is not lined up with the camera orientation. This is the same problem reported for Copter 4.0 (github #17286). Apparently it was resolved in Copter 4.1 but clearly it still exists in Ardurover 4.2.2.
I think the error is in the OBSTACLE_DISTANCE computation as it is a force fit to laser/scan topic. Any ideas appreciated.