ROS/Gazebo Simulator compatibility with SITL Ubuntu 14.04 vs 16.04?

The installation instructions( for ROS/Gazebo Simulator with SITL recommends ubuntu 14.04. It specifically recommends ubuntu 14.04.

Documentation sometimes lags development leading to out of date and inaccurate documentation.

  1. Will the ROS/Gazebo SITL simulator work on ubuntu 16 ? Is it compatible?
  2. Will the installation instructions for ubuntu 14 ( work on ubuntu 16 ?
  3. If I already have ROS/Gazebo installed on ubuntu 14, after my upgrade what changes will I need to perform to get it to work on ubuntu 16 ?

Thanks I need to upgrade to ubuntu 16 due to some file dependency issues on ubuntu 14

See my response here : Ardupilot vs Alexbuyval-Ardupilot :Gazebo SITL installation

About switching from ubuntu 14 to 16 , you will have many change since you will need to switch from ros indigo/jade to kinetic and gazebo version is changing too (from 5 to 7 I think)
We are currently working to make ardupilot compatible with last gazebo (and gazebo team is making an ardupilot plugin for gazebo)