Rolls and flips

Has anyone adjusted settings to do rolls and flips?
If so what settings did you find worked for you?

Here is my attempt at practising a few rolls .

(Can’t watach video on work network, so some of my questions are probably answerd by it)

ACRO_Y_EXPO <-- This doesn’t affect roll and flips, but makes it more…thrilling? lol Be careful with this one.

ACRO_TRAINER <-- Did you change this? It defaults to 2, which won’t allow you to Roll. I sdet mine to 1, so that when i let go of the sticks it’ll attempt to “save me”. But, warning, it doesn’t “save me” very quickly…basically, once you’ve controlled it back level, it’ll help stabilize to drone for the next maneuver.

ACRO_RP_EXPO <-- Play with this one until it is roll/pitch fast enough for your liking. If you go “very high” it might go so fast you cannot control it (or break from torqueing?) I think I set mine to 0.3, but probably should be 0.4. I can flip and roll but I lose about 30-60ft depending on the wind. ALWAYS have a lot of altitude lol.

ACRO_RP_P <-- This is your “Base roll/pitch” speed. The parameter above some how affects this one way or another. I don’t remember what I set this to, but I bumped it up a few ticks from the default.

ACRO_BAL_ROLL <-- How fast it’ll try to return to level when you release the sticks. You know the SV is capable of extremely fast recovery, if you’ve ever tried Throw mode, so this will likely save your butt when you get out of wack. Recommend playing with this and trainer mode until you become a “pro”…or until you’re ready to kill your SV :smiley:

Not messed with settings apart from turning acro trainer to 2 (levelling) . Already had a few hard crashes, smashed prop guards and props, also managed to pop out a motor in one crash lol. Tho I don’t find i lose a great deal of height when doing rolls. As you will see in the video. Tho I will definitely have a play with the settings you have mentioned.

Wow…big crashes lol. I’ve only had a few. And I try to only Acro of thick grass. You definately need to speed up the default rates to make it more reliable.

By the way, there is also a “Flip mode” you can assign to a button, I haven’t tried it though.

Had a play with the settings, and has made it much easier and smoother to roll and flip. Tho I need to speed up my yaw settings. as seem to become really slow and not as responsive as it was before. I have to push my stick almost to the edges before it even starts to turn.

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