Roll and Pitch elevon deflections in Quadplane reversed

I am using the Eclipson EVTOL model. The Radio calibration in Mission Planner is accurate for Roll, Pitch, throttle and yaw. But I am having problems in servo output. I have attached, 2 motors, and 2 servos, [Ch1- Left ESC, Ch2-Right esc, Ch3-Left elevon servo, Ch4- Right elevon servo ]. I am operating with Skydroid T10, where i have 3 flight modes, QSTABILIZE, FWBA, AUTOTUNE.

The problem : when I move my pitch up, the elevon configuration, turns to left. When I move the pitch down, the elevon configuration moves, right. Similarly, with Roll, when left, it is nosedown and when right, it is noseup. How do I reverse the situation, and set it correctly?

Here is the link to the video, showing what is happening.: Servo Problem in Quadplane.mp4 - Google Drive

Any help will be much appreciated.