Roll and crash, Help figuring out why

odd crash that might be my fault… 680tarot frame flight was normal right up to when it rolled over. Video and Log attached, if any of you guys can take a peek and tell me what you think that would be great :slight_smile:

one thing i did wrong was i strapped a friends gopro on the front and it did have its WIFI on. Not sure if that is what caused the fail or not but it did not help that is for sure.

damage was minimal it almost saved it self, i cut the throttle after it rolled then pinned it full up in the hope she would right and blast up. It woke up but still hit hard. One prop and maybe one motor along with a couple landing gear tubes!
video makes my tummy turn…

tarot 680
pixhawk w3dr gps/compass
3508 380kv
15x5.5 props
x8r rc
flying in stabilize mode

being my own detective i think i see a problem. Pitch and Roll seem close to what is desired. ThrIN and Throut seem right on. The barometer however just stopped at 54’ off the deck. It never showed the fall??? is this a brown out? would the computer grey out like that and recover fast enough to have the full Thr you hear right before splat?

If it was a brown out where would it say that in the logs?

i am powering the pixhawk with a 5v castle ubec via the power rail

I am unable to open the attached file. Maybe upload it again with different compression?


thanks for helping i will upload the bin file again…