ROI on AP Planner for Mac

Problem setting up an ROI in AP Planner for Mac 2.0.14.
Pixhawk on Tarot 650 Quad with Mavlink. I have been setting waypoints and running missions
with no trouble. When I want to set an ROI point Planner won’t let me. I right click where I
want the camera to point and I get a menu with two guided mission options and a point camera option.
Nothing happens when I choose point camera.
I am connected to the Pixhawk with Mavlink. In the pull down menu under edit waypoints their is no ROI choice. Is their a parameter to change? Is their something else I’m missing?


You can add ROI waypoints. Add a waypoint and change it’s type to ‘Other’. Then change the CMD value to be 201 and that point will be reqgrded as the ROI in that mission.

It’s a workaround until we add full ROI support to the widget.

Thank you, Bill

I will give it a try!