ROI in 2.0.15 mac OS 10.10


Wondering if there is a bug.

I can select ROI from the drop down. however there is no visual information on the map using ROI.

For example Droidplanner places a red marker as the interest point. But its invisible in APM planner.

If change DO ROI to Waypoint, it will connect the path line to the right place, but then switching back the path correctly skips that ROI point, but there is no visual indication of what ROI is doing.

Also, question. Do you have to plaec a ROI after each waypoint? Ie if I hit a WP after a ROI, will the copter orientation revert back to look to next WP, or keep looking at the ROI?
If it reverts back the look to next WP, I wonder if the functionality of ROI could be different, in that on each waypoint entry there is a lookat target. You can leave default to look to next WP, or manually select a ROI or WP number to be the look target. It would save creating tonnes of ROI targets which is a bit clunky to do in the UI.

Anyways…Thanks heaps Bill for APM…its a great tool for he Mac users here!!



I think the requirement to set ROI after each WP is dependent on the version of APM you are running. For AC3.2 you can get away with once per mission, and changes required throughout that mission. For 3.1.5 you need one after every WP. I need to test to jog my memory about what the setup is

ROI not showing on the map is a issue, that needs to be fixed, tracked here