ROI and follow me


So when buying the iris/pixhawk ROI and follow me were in the advertising.

Reading the forums it seems ROI is nor longer available (maybe til June?). Yet Ive seen videos of it working I think? Same with follow me.

Im in particularly keen to be able to have a second GPS on a moving base station that the Iris can follow at a set distance height, and always look at. (I saw My Geek Show, trent have similar in his video, where he had a USB GPS showing the base station car location , and the telemetry gps for the plane)

For a osX user with an iris. Is either of these currently available. for mission planner or apm planner or whatever.

Thanks all


trent was using whats called guided mode. and will work on both plane and copter. on one of the many gcs’s


That is not quite what I mean. The guided is fine…set “go to points etc”

What I mean is what trent says in this vid (this link shows the portion I mean) … end_at=252

Its the ctrl -f to open the moving base/follow me option. (I have the same usb gps)

Trent is using Windows Mission Planner… am I correct in thinking it is different from the current osX APM planner? Are some of those features only in Windows Mission Planner?



I cannot connect the same gps to my mission planner… what com port / baud rate / update rate are you guys doing?? inject GPS?