Rocks like a boat into the wind while in Auto or Loiter

I was out flying today and it was fairly windy which was causing some problems, so I’m trying to figure out if there is a solution. When in auto or loiter mode when trying to either loiter or travel into the wind it would start to rock back and forth parallel to the wind and the rocking motion would just get worse and worse. As soon as I switch to stabilize it would level out and either drift rapidly (due to the wind) or I would have to compensate to stay still, however I was able to keep it fairly level.

If it was flying with the wind, or even across the wind it was as smooth as I would expect (better than me), but once it started to loiter or fly mostly into the wind it would start to rock and that seemed to build up quickly.

Is this something I can tune out somehow? I’ve noticed this a little in the past, however it was significantly worse (and quite a bit more windy) today.

Pixhawk w/ uBlox GPS/Compass
WQ-550 Frame
Turnigy 800Kv
11x4.7 Props


This sounds for me that you didn’t adjust your PID params and the regulator has oscillating prob-lems. I would recommend to performing auto calibration and then manually adjusting the params additionally to get the copter perfectly stable.
Hope this will help you.

Thank you for the reply. I haven’t tried auto tune yet but aside from flying into the wind on a windy day it seems to fly very flat and stable. On my next calm day though I will attempt auto tune and see if that helps.