Rocking in roll axis with wing and poor yaw performance with fast input

Hey guys so things are progressing well, but I am still needing a bit of help. I cant seem to get rid of some small issues. First yaw only performs well if very small input is given, but try and yaw with some speed and the quad wants to dip. Also if there is a good amount of wind there is a considerable rocking in the roll axis. The two logs link the older one is windy day the one from the 8th is not windy at all. I am almost satisfied with it but still feel that it is not as locked in as it can be. Autotune has been done but thinking about doing it again.

I am also trying to learn how to read these logs and cannot find any really good info about the different data values and what everything means. So if anyone can provide a link to an detailed list that would be great. Thanks for any help!

My quad is an X-frame ~800mm with 4114 300kv motors spinning 15in folding props running on a 5200mah 6s LiHV battery. It was originally a X650F frame that I stretched. M8N GPS. Pixhawk, Taranis X9D+, Copter 3.4

I have to add that this does not happen in stabilized mode. I’ve only used alt hold and loiter and it does it in both those.