RockBlock to MAVLink gateway

@stephendade This looks like a great addition. Do we have any estimates as to how much data this will use per hour or the expected cost of use in real-world scenarios?

Here are the rates.

So if I purchase 1000 credits that looks like I would get 50kb of mavlink 1 data. I am guessing that will not last very long if the standard GCS connection failed over to this modem. Does anyone have any real world experience with this? I am guessing it is most appropriate as a backup and we would probably want to be sending the bare minimum mavlink packets.

The Rockblock connection is a cut-down MAVLink connection. It only sends/receives a very small subset of MAVLink messages. The intent would be to monitor the vehicle during auto missions.

The Rockblock connection uses 1 credit (sends 1 MAVLink message) per 30 seconds for telemetry in the UAV->GCS direction. Only MAVLink commands (1 credit per command) are sent in the GCS->UAV direction, so the credit consumption depending on how many commands you send.

So, a typical mission would use 120 credits/hour for UAV->GCS, and a handful of commands in the GCS->UAV direction. So call it 130 credits/hour.

Based on the credit costs, this would amount to £10-15 per flight hour, excluding the monthly line rental.

For expectation management:
This link is very low update rate. It will send the HIGH_LATENCY2 MAVLink message once per 30 seconds. This will give a basic location and status of the vehicle. There’s no ability to read/edit parameters, waypoints, geofences and definitely no ability for any manual flight modes.


That’s very helpful. Thanks.

Is it possible to alter the frequency that the packets are sent at? My application is for a multi month long endurance application, I would be looking for a message every 6 hours or so.

Use the RCK_PERIOD parameter to set the message period in seconds.

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Sounds like a balloon!

Boat actually! Ideally with multi-month endurance

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