Robot spins in circle in Steering mode, Rover 3.0

Hi, I finally got the rover work in auto mode, it has no problem following way points works as expected but when switch to Steering mode it spins in circle, anyone know how to fix this? I am using APM 2.6 with Sabertooth 2x12 in rc mixed mode.

Rover version 3.0 is awesome!


What navigation controller are you using? APM2.x or Pixhawk?
The ArduRover firmware has a skid (differential) steering function so why are you using the rc mixed mode in the Sabertooth motor controller. That is probably what is causing your problem.

Hi Thomes, I am using APM2.6, the sabertooth I have is 2x12 RC version, it works in auto mode and I have never tried it in steering mode until now, so I should be using skid steering?

Rover 3.0 introduce arming.There is currently a bug in arming in skidstreeing mode (doing circle).
So before drive you need to send ARM command.
Or you can disable this : see ARMING_REQUIRE parameter.

So if my Auto, Manual and Learning mode are working, I shouldn’t have problem or make any parameter changes and the Steering mode should work right?
Will looking into the Arming things.

Firstly khancyr is correct about the arming when you have a skid steering rover - its a bug.

Secondly its because you have transmitter stick mixing that’s causing the problem in STEERING mode. MANUAL and LEARNING mode are both pass through - the APM doesn’t do anything when you are in those modes which is why you have transmitter stick mixing enabled and everything works ok. However STEERING mode uses exactly the same code to steer the rover as AUTO does its just that it doesn’t do auto navigation to waypoints. When you run in AUTO mode the Rover works fine as your not putting any transmitter stick input in. HOWEVER in STEERING mode because your transmitter is doing the mixing AND the APM is also trying to do the mixing it gets confused. If you turn off mixing in your transmitter and try STEERING mode it should work.

Thanks, Grant.

I think that he is using the mixing mode in the Sabertooth and not the RC transmitter.

Got the rover working in manual and auto mode, just can’t get the Steering mode to work.

Can you post a log please?
Steering mode uses the same code as Auto mode to drive the rover. Manual mode completely by-passes the autopilot. I agree with Tom that you must have mixing in your transmitter that is confusing the code when your in Steering mode.

Thanks, Grant.