Roadmap for the Ardupilot Ecosystem?

Saw a few interesting blog posts and Facebook posts from the unconvention and it got me to thinking. Is there a defined roadmap of where Ardupilot is and where it is going, feature wise. I have a couple of ideas I want to develop, but want to make sure it will fit into the overall plan for Ardupilot. And don’t want to duplicate any work if I don’t have to, would rather contribute to an existing project.


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There isn’t a documented roadmap at present, but I think that so long as it was a “living document”, and not chiseled in stone, would be a great addition.
@CraigElder devcall?

It has to be somewhat fixed, otherwise why bother having a road map :wink: But still remain flexible…

From the last Unconference
New photo by Andrew Tridgell

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True: and definitely some strategic objectives need to be pretty firm. My fear is if it is too rigid, it has the potential to stifle innovation and community contributions: two of the great strengths of ArduPilot.
The roadmap was discussed at dev call an hour or so ago, and we’ll update the February Unconference plan with the recent Unconference stuff, then put a document out.



I agree, someone (team of someones) need to have a set goal, otherwise it wanders.

Is there a way to listen to the dev call?

yes, get on the ‘mumble’ ( audio conferencing )server at the time and place specified. it’s not recorded for later criticism, but minutes are also made available.

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