Road block trying to get linear actuator working, no PWM signal from Pixhawk 4 board (SOLVED)

I’m stumped so I’m hoping someone can shed some light as to what is either wrong with my configuration, hardware setup or hardware I’m driving. I’m running Ardupilot 4 on a Pixhawk4 board in the rover config. I’ve got a Pololu 12v feedback linear actuator connected to the Pololu Jrk G2 21v3 controller board. When I connect the RC signal in from the Jrk board directly to my Frsky R8 receiver I’m having no issues driving the linear actuator. I’m using QGroundControl on a Mac, and I can see that my transmitter is calibrated and working ok on my board. When I connect the IO Main signal out to the Jrk G2 RC input, the board is telling me it is not receiving any PWM signals from the Pixhawk. As far as I can tell Channel 1 should be my steering servo control from the pixhawk but I’ve tried all of the outputs with no luck getting this board to acknowledge a signal. I have no idea where to start in terms of debugging this issue. I know the Pixhawk 4 board also has a second bank of FMU Aux ports, should I be using those? Is there a mysterious setting somewhere in the Qgroundcountrol that I need to be checking? I’ve looking under the options for RC, and Servo and under Servo 1, its set to Groundsteering as I would expect. I haven’t attempted to connect my sabertooth yet till I get the servo/linear actuator control figured out. Anyone have any idea what could be causing the board to not output any PWM signal? I’ve tried it both armed and disarmed and it made no difference. So far I have a giant RC control vehicle, with no brain box.

Well like magic it just started working after reflashing the Pixhawk back and forth between PX4 and ArduPilot. Carry on