RNGFND params not missing from Full parameter tree

Hi Everyone!

According to the Complete Parameter List ond docs there should be parameters like RNGFND1_WSP_MAVG which would be very helpful to use in my usecase, but whatever I do there is no sign of them in MP Full parameter list or tree. I tried with MP beta because according to Michael on Github:
“this is a master/stable issue.
stable has the problem. master does not
if you dont have beta updates turned on in MP, you dont get param docs from master. it pulls from arducopter-stable tag”
but it did not help. Is there any way to be able to set these params for better LIDAR performance?


it wont show any parameters until you set RNGFND1_TYPE then the rest of the options will appear.


Thanks, but the type is already set to 8 according to the lidar we use, but still no RNGFND1_WSP_MAVG.

are you using a Wasp LRF 200? those settings only apply to that rangefinder hence the WSP in the name of the parameter. if your using setting 8 then your using a lightware serial lidar.

I see, I did not know that. So these params can be only used with a specific Lidar? It is strange since according to the docs RNGFND1_WSP_MAVG should be independent from the type of lidar, I mean any lidar readings can be averaged with the N-1 previous results, right?

ardupilot takes care of all that normally so you dont have to adjust anything, i dont know why that specific LIDAR had extra options.

Okay, but it does not taje care of it as we would like it to. It would be a very heépful feature if we could just play with these settings a bit to customize the lidar according to our needs. is there any way to make these param available for setting?

what LIDAR are you using ? you need to give me more than type 8…

Oh, sorry, Lightware LW20/C.

you can probably change the settings using lightwares software

And please update to ArduCopter 4.2.1

Thanks for the answers! Altough I still dont get it 100%. The lidar provides readings for the target altitude. Is there a way to use those params listed in the complete param list, to calculate the target altitude based on the raw readings of the lidar? If one type of lidar works, why the other dont?

Thats not how it works, the rangefinder is giving you the value its measuring its not being computed on the flight controller.

Those settings are only for adjusting one specific model of lidar, they are not general settings. You would have to rewrite the lightware driver to get similar functionality.