RNGFND_Gain parameter Integration in Auto Mode ($300)

Topic:RNGFND_Gain parameter Integration in Auto Mode

Proposal type: Software

Description :

When hovering over areas such as vines, the radar used for height measurement does not have the RNGFnd_Gain filter active. This results in a large variation in height when hovering over plots. I would like the RNGFnd_Gain filter is functional in Auto Mode.
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Attached is the forum post regarding this issue:
Link disccuss Problem on the Forum

Planned amount $$ (USD): 300$

Estimated time for completion: 2 Month

@chr89 Is this something you are planning on doing or are you looking to hire someone to do this?

I am looking for someone to hire who would be able to integrate this function.

Ok, then I’m moving to the Jobs category, which is the correct place to hire people.

Hello @chr89, could you please inbox me for further discussion. I am interested in this problem because I am working on a project which is simar to this.


I am still looking for someone who can help me on this topic