RM3100 problem with copter 4.0.5

I did a flight today with the third compass RM3100. Earlier I wrote in the post about the strangely low frequency of samples during non-flying testing. After 4 minutes of flight RM3100 looks as if the range has changed … In addition, the z axis seems to have died … After the flight when testing RM3100 the readings are normal. I have several sensors on the I2

C and all but the compass show the slightest sign of malfunction. Can anyone confirm the correct operation of RM3100 i2c for copter 4.0.5? I attach the log.


Could you specify where did you get you RM3100 units ?

I bought on aliexpress. I just had to solder the z axis coil because it was soldered in reverse. In addition, I put a 3.3v stabilizer from 5 and a power blocking capacitor. I shorted the spi / i2c and CS lines at + 3.3v. The compass calibrates well, but there are some problems. I wonder if it is not with the driver …

problem solved. I have a copter 4.0.7 and wire between 3.3v v sda and slc resistors 4.7k. It works great.