RLT-USR-01 High Precision Ultrasonic (sonar) rangefinder

A Silicon Valley based tech company has designed a high precision sonar rangefinder:
Amazon product page

Red Lotus Technologies - Ultrasonic Sonar Ranging Sensor - Data Sheet (1).pdf

As you can see, it’s 0.1 mm accuracy and builtin temperature compensation (the temperature sensor can also be read to get ambient temperature) is quite cool. But the maximum range is not too large at 1500mm (not too bad though)

Granted its pricing matches the TF02, that can be worked on, maybe bought down a bit later.

I want to know whether people are interested and if I should start working on a PR.


Those aren’t impressive specs and need testing.
The most frequent drawbacks of rangefinder are the external noise, multipath reflection and large beam. So it will have the same issue as other. But the price is interesting if the specs are real.

The temperature compensation looks weird, if you take the temperature aroud the sensors you are probably be distributed by your robot own heat emissions and don’t have the true air temperature leading to some inacuracy on measurements

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Hmmm… Interesting indeed. I did not think about the vehicle affecting the temperature compensation… You have a point.

If you have any testing ideas, please share them, as I have a unit and can perform them and share the results. Thanks!