Right ESC Configuration

Hi ,
I have an rc boat with two Motors and a double ESC with an integrated tank mixer.
Is it possible to use this ESC? When yes …
What are the correct parameters for Servo1_ and Servo3_ ?
I think 51 and 53 are the right parameters.
In manual mode with parameter 51 and 53 it works well.

Thanks in advance & a Happy New Year :slight_smile:
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That’s simply passthrough so of course it will work in manual mode. But the Flight Controller isn’t doing anything and you won’t be able to use any assisted modes. I don’t know what the integrated tank mixer is doing but normally you would configure it for throttle left and throttle right. Can you just bypass or disable the mixer?

Hi Dave,
thank you for your answer.
I can not Configure / disable the Mixer.

If you can not disable the mixer, you can only configure ardurover with throttle and steering outputs, not skidsteering (throttle left, throttle right). It might be difficult to tune the rover, because ardurover thinks it is controlling a normal/ackermann steering vehicle, but the rover is actually skid steering.

Replace the ESC’s with standard ESC’s for RC Trucks. That’s what I use on Rovers. Hobbywing even makes a waterproof dual output unit. If 4S/80A will work for you.