RFND and DPTH log do not work with ArduRover 4.0

I’m connected my sonar (over NMEA on 10 Hz) to Pixhawk1 for bathymetry (bottom mapping).
But log data (RFND and DPTH) is not written to DataFlash on ArduRover 4.0 (but on ArduRover 3.5 it works great for RFND). The LOG_BITMASK is check for the RANGEFINDER.
However, my sonar and ArduRover 4.0 work perfectly, which can be seen by telemetry.
Is this a bug or a feature?

Do you have FRAME_CLASS set to 2 (for boat)? If not, it won’t log DPTH messages.
posting a log would help solve the problem.

Yes. But in any case, RFND should be saved.

I checked on my desk https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZH9_jvIXnvNZHPnm0uq0wenMIaIxoS20

Hello everyone! If possible, please check how it works for you. Perhaps this is a common problem.
Many thanks!

I’m currently testing a rover with a benewake tfmini.
The rover has a matek 765.
But I cannot find RFND or DPTH in my log file.
I would like to see what rhe rangefinder is seeing.
Maybe it’s under a different variable in the log file?

Thanks so much for your test. In 3.5, everything works fine. There are some logging changes in the source code 4.0. Maybe it’s just a bug.