RFD900x/ux - Mavlink 2

I just bought a set of RFD900x and RFD900ux and noticed that they do not seem to support Mavlink2 framing and thus will not inject the RSSI/status data into the datastream when using Mavlink2. Has anybody managed to get it working, and if not, has there been any communication from RFD saying that support for Mavlink2 will be released in a later firmware update? As far as I can tell, the X series radio firmware is no longer open source - the original SiK firmware has implemented Mavlink2 as far as I can see, but I can’t use that on my radios.


RFD900x does support MAVLINK 2.

Who told you they don’t?

I have linked to the RFD guide below. I have also linked to the store page for the pixhawk 2 cable and FTDI cable which are the easiest way to connect to your pixhawk and programme the unit respectively. I would also note that the 900+ does not support MAV2 packets so you will need to ensure that the pixhawk is set up for MAV1, if you need MAV2 features this is supported by the 900X modems.

Moreton King

I wish this was in the 900x documentation but I founded confirmation here: https://github.com/RFDesign/rfdesign.github.io/raw/master/Files/documents/Modem%20Support%20FAQs%20V1.1.pdf

Thankfully looks like I’m wrong.