RFD900x Stuck "Getting Param"

I have Ardurover 4.2 running on a Cube Orange. I can get the HUD functioning on connection but the parameters are not loading. It seems like the GCS to rover communication is not working to send params etc. I did continuity testing on the rover side cable and every connection is sending signal, so I don’t think it is a frayed cable. The two RFD’s pair and the red light shows continuous data transfer. I was wondering if anyone had any troubleshooting ideas? Appreciate the help!

Console Output:

INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - doCommand cmd REQUEST_AUTOPILOT_CAPABILITIES 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - set giveComport current False new False
HUD 12 hz drawtime 1 gl True
INFO MissionPlanner.MAVLinkInterface - Get param 1 by 1 - got 0 of 1
bps 1942 loss 0 left 12 mem 56.9775390625 mav2 True sign False mav1 0 mav2 60 signed 0

I swapped the RFD’s (same cables on both sides) and the results are shown above. This makes me believe either the TX of RFD1 or RX of RFD2 is broke/bad output. I am planning on ordering a new set of RFD’s to locate the bad modem.

I believe this test verifies that the issue is not bad cables/connections but rather a bad modem output.

Does anyone have thoughts on this logic? Am I missing something here?

Thanks again for any help!

What sik radio settings do you have?
Use the sik radio section in MissionPlanner or the RFD Tools

@xfacta Attached are my settings. Appreciate any thoughts on this!

Air Speed has to be higher than Baud
Leave Baud like it is (115) and Set Air Speed to 200, also set Max Window to 80

Be sure to set both radios the same of course.

I use lower power too (TX power) since I’m not using these long range, but you don’t have to change that unless you want to.

RFD900 updated settings

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@xfacta I was getting a Set command error when changing Airspeed to 200. I went down to 57600 for both baud rates so the 64 Airspeed was greater. Then changed the Max window to 80 and it works! Seemingly that was the difference because I had the airspeed and baudrate as 64 and 57600 before.

Thank you so much for the help I really appreciate it!