Rfd900x relay `````````````````````````````

I have issue in connecting the rdf900x radio as relay with asynchronous firmware

as of now i have made the setup in the following way

Node 1: ATS10 = 1, ATS11 =3 // set node 1, destination 3

Node 3: ATS10 = 3, ATS11 =1 // set node 3, destination 1

Node 2: ATS10 = 2, ATS11 =don’t care, AT+F0=1,3, AT+F1=3,1 // forward 1->3, and 3->1

after setting up , my flight controller rfd900x (node 1) get binds with gcs rfd900x (node 3) in between i just powered on node2 rfd900x … Seems to be the data is not relayed via node 2

please help me how to make the setup for data communication relay

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thank you!
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Did you ever get this to work?

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