RFD900x Radios can't get parameters

Hi All,
I’ve tried everything trying to get a pair of RFD900x radios working. When I connect between MP and Cube I can see the link working, telemetry is working but parameters are not fetched.

Updated MP to latest Beta build 1.3.7144.9253

Updated Rover to latest 3.5

Flashed RFD Sik 3.07 to both radios.

Running MP on Windows 10. It’s up to date and FTDI driver is latest available.

My old cheap set of radios work fine!

Thanks for any help!

@Michael_Oborne I hope you see this post. I’ve searched all previous mentions of the topic and can’t find a solution.

Got a screenshot of their settings?

Wouldn’t believe it. A cable. Poor connection on the rover modem cable. If I shove the cables in and hit connect all works well.

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