RFD900X issue entering command mode

Hi, I have a RFD900X, I’m trying to change the NetID but when connected to the laptop and using the latest version of RFD900 Tool 2.10 it keeps saying “Failed to enter command mode”. I’ve tried every baud rate and the com port is correct. The green light on the RFD 900 is blinking slowly.
I’ve tried the other RFD900X module and it works fine and able to connect to the tool. I’ve also tried using Mission Planner and get the same error. What can I do to fix it? Thanks

I have encountered this with 3 RFD900+ that I installed the multi-point onto and now I cannot configure them.
I am getting the same message ‘Failed to enter command mode’.
At present they’re just sitting on the shelf until I have time to work this out.


Mine is also still just sitting on the shelf…anyone? I’ve emailed RFDesign 2 times with no response.

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Did you guys, tried to reflash with point-to-point firmware ?
(forced boot mode if necessary)
" In case there is need to force the modem into boot mode, short circuit pads 1 and 2 (labelled
BOOT) on the 9 way test pads"

OK finally got it to work. I used the RFD Tool 2.10 and short trick.

Short pad 9 and pin 16 while powering up, i could get the red light to come and stay but it still didn’t work. The trick is to keep the pins shorted while you hit the upload firmware button on the RFD tool page. I used a pair of metal scissors to short them and when i held them in place and hit the upload button it worked.
After uploading the new firmware, RFDSiK V2.55, i could then plug it in normally and program the Net Ids.

Thanks for the help. I never got a response back from RF Designs…not happy at all with their customer service.

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The multipoint firmware is not supported by Modem Tools (as of Feb 2019). You have to configure it using a serial terminal and AT commands.

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@Scott_White, is there any user manual explaining how to use the serial terminal to upgrade de firmware?

I just used the modem tools to load the firmware: http://files.rfdesign.com.au/tools/

I also found this project, but did not try it.


i have RFD868x modems which where worked perfectly. Then I just out of curiosity changed Baud: 1300 and Air: 700 (don’t remember exactly) on local and remoe. And since then doesnt work. I also forced both modules into bootloader mode with connecting pad 9 and GND pin and then applaying power to the modul. Modules seems switched into bootloader mode by turning LED light into solid red. Then i pushed connect (comXX, 57600), hit Upload Firmware but still gives me notification “Couldn’t communicate with modem. Try power-cycling modem.” I really dont know what to do…hope some can help me…? Maybe i bricked modules.

Hello, i have same problem,did you find a solution?