RFD900x + Bidirectional Amplifier

Hi! I am new to this and I am really trying to achieve a great scope.
I am looking to reach a 36 dBm EIRP with a 2dBi omnidirectional antenna. Is it feasible to use (even with a single RF output) the RFD900x module with a bi-directional amplifier? Somebody made it? Recommendations for other long-range modules?

Otherwise, do you know if you could use both RF ports, one with a directional antenna and the other with an omnidirectional antenna? Do they have successful experiences?

I wouldn’t try to change an RFD radio, they are not a toy. If your regulations allows such output power you might be able to order custom radios from RFD.
What range are you trying for that you might need that power?
RFD radios with a yagi antenna on the base station gets long distances and I’ve heard of 70 nautical miles in open spaces.

Email the RFD team with specific questions if you need to. https://store.rfdesign.com.au/about-us/

Hello, thank you very much for the reply.

What do you think of using a directional and an omnidirectional antenna?

yes that’s ok. RFD sell the correct yagi antennas or you could use another provided it is constructed correctly and has a suitable connector. Don’t use adapters and don’t use cheap nasty antennas.

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