RFD900x - asynch

Does anyone have RFD900x working in some kind of multipoint config? I’ve got asynch 2.47 firmware loaded on all the radios and they can connect, but exhibit weird behavior like not being able to read the parameters before throwing an error in MP, and overall acting really slow.

Maybe a mission planner issue? have posted an issue here

The goal is to connect two GCS to a single bird. I got this to work with the RFD900+ MP firmware, but the RSSI wasn’t useable.

here is the aircraft config:

GCS config is the same except Node Id: 2/3 and DestID = 1

I don’t know how this works , but I’m Interested !

Whenever I’ve used multiple RFD900s connected to the same drone, they alwasy have really poor RSSI and are practically unusable. I guessed it’s because of interference.

Are you using the multipoint or asynchronous firmware? (available here) if not then yes they would for sure conflict as the base firmware is peer-to-peer only.

In this particular instance, I get the error even when only two of the radios are on.