RFD900x Async Configuration Issue

I am trying to create a RFD900x mesh. I have set the NetID to 100 for all 3 radios. I have verified all the radios can communicate with each other using a broadcast. I have issues where I cannot get the radios to relay. Does the LEDS light up on the relay node?

fw : RFD900x-AsyncRelease_V2.43.bin

NodeID : 1
DestID : 3 (Directed to Rover)

NodeID : 2
DestID : (what should this value be? 65535)

NodeID : 3
DestID : 1 (Directed to GCS)

Looking through the configs again, I found that the RFD900x-AsyncRelease_V2.43.bin release does not have SYNCANY, NODECOUNT parameters.

I’ve been itching to try the asynchronous mesh firmware with a few 900x units I’ve lying around - that said, I have yet to see a working implementation.

I’ll mess with it on my end as well, but I’d be grateful if you give a heads up when it gets figured out.

Set the destination ID on the Rover and GCS to node 2.

I’d be keen to hear if anyone can get the relay system really working. I’ve had a play and can get individual bits of data with the radios connected through a terminal program, but any amount of data seems to flake it out.