RFD900ux with TBS crossfire antennas?

I’m running the RFD900ux (small version of the RFD900x, with u.fl antenna connectors) on a 7" freestyle quad, because I like the range, the combined telemetry/radio link, and the ability for the TXMOD V2 module to act as wifi hotspot for a groundstation. (ignoring the annoying ongoing spurious telemetry audio warnings that are still unresolved–I just turn off the alerts)

However, the antenna situation leaves a bit to be desired. The u.fl to fsma adapter, connected to the short rigid antennas, is awkward, clunky, and challenging to mount well. It seems possible that the TBS crossfire antennas (e.g. the immortal T) may be tuned for the same frequency however. And those antennas are much more convenient for mounting on a freestyle quad frame, plus they already come terminated u.fl to avoid the adapter. Not sure what the gain is, but it’s probably acceptably low, given that intended use.

Does anyone have any opinion about whether those antennas would be appropriate on a RFD900ux (or RFD900x with reverse adapter cable, for that matter)? Is anyone running non-standard antennas on their RFD900x?

here’s a write-up from Oscar Liang that puts the best tune for the larger immortal t v2 at 922 MHz (courtesy his friend Khrosis from IntoFPV).