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RFD900UX very hot - is this normal?

I have an rfd900ux and rfd900x pair. Recently the 900ux has started to get very warm to the touch, but more so when tx/rx lines are connected to it. Is this normal?

when the module is operative its normal it get hot… just reposition the module so the heathink will have the correct air flow for coolin the module

As @Dave84 points out they do run quite warm especially when sending/receiving data.

If the level of heat is new you might want to check the antenna and cabling to make sure you don’t have a fault causing excessive SWR which will heat up the outputs.

My wiring is fine - this happens even just with 5v and gnd connected after about 15-20 minutes. Both antennas are connected and are e6000’d in place, I am certain that there are no connection issues.

After making this post yesterday I tested again, but noticed this time that the radio was hot to the point that I could not touch it.

I do not have the hardware required to test the antennas for faults but I do have a multimeter in the mail so I will be able to check current consumption and the supply voltage from my f765wing.

i suggest power the your rfd module with a separate power source

This is all going in a nano goblin so that’s impossible unfortunately. I’ve been trying to find a way to make it work though, we’ll see.

According to RFD, when transmitting near 100% load, 900ux can reach 40c over ambient. Mine is 5 over ambient at idle (no data) and 20 over ambient with ardu telemetry throughput. Seems that it is fine.

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