Rfd900+(x) Multi-point

Does anyone have experience using the RFD900+ (or RFD900x) in a multipoint network?

We are trying to do two ground stations with a single aircraft, and I did get the MP network to work with the RFD900+ using the 2.16 firmware and some finagling with two different versions of the RFD tools (version 2.13 to load firmwares, and 1.5 to adjust the settings) everything seems fine, Aircraft seemed to fly fine with no noted issues, but then I look at the logs and I am showing crazy RSSI noise, and a lot of errors. I only used 1 ground station during the flight. Previously RSSI looked pretty normal.
log here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QmOHl8cot2TYE4fiITmxRqE4nar_Uh4f/view?usp=sharing

I set up the aircraft and ground station as outlined here: http://files.rfdesign.com.au/Files/documents/Software%20manual.pdf
Item 6 vii on page 12
settings shown here:
aircraft: same as GCSbelow but NODEID = 0 and DESTINATION=65535

@Michael_Oborne I also noted that with the v2.xx firmwares mission planner will not interact with the radio, and spits out errors when trying to load settings or firmware, though it does correctly read the firmware version