RFD900 Telemetry - Low Range


I’ve been struggling with this problem for a few weeks now; I have run out of ideas and turn to you for help.

APM 2.6 + external compass/gps running plane 2.78b
-RFD 900 Telemetry Radios on both sides, running SiK 1.9. 3 DB antennas on the receiving side (tablet/PC size) and stock antennas on the plane.
-1.3ghz for video (800mw)
-ezuhf for control

I’ve checked the noise levels with all my gear turned on, and I get 20-30 noise readings on local & remote (with about 90-110 value for RSSI)

I cannot fly further than 150 meters without losing telemetry. I’ve tried changing my AIR_SPEED to 24 from 64, but does not help. I’ve also tried powering the local radio by USB and external BEC, same results. I have no issues with video or EZUHF; I can go as far as 35 minutes affords me without losing either.

I am using two antennas on both RFD900 radios. I see some people are only using one? I haven’t tried single antenna.

Attached are pictures of the RSSI values, my configuration parameters & the plane layout. Any help, input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

[color=#008000]RFD900 radios are no 3DR product, Please contact RF Design for support.
Moved to general hardware discussions.[/color]

I apologize - I understand this is not a 3DR product, however it will be impossible to get input from anyone on this if it’s hidden away. I posted in the telemetry forum hoping others use the same radio (which they do and post in that forum) can chime in .

Can this be placed in the APM forum instead if you don’t want it in telemetry? If not, no sweat.

Unfortunately, not. The Hardware forums are the official hardware support forums for genuine 3DR products. The categorization was made to make it easier for the supporters as well as the users to find relevant information.
My guess would be that your chances of finding an answer would generally be better at DIY Drones because there’s more people reading there.