RFD900+ MultiPoint ECC?

Does the multipoint firmware for these radios support ECC? When I try to save settings (using RFD tool) with ECC enabled, it always says “Set Command Error”. I can change pretty much any other setting just fine. See my current settings below…

It looks like there’s a version 2.6 you could try
but otherwise email RF Design [support@rfdesign.com.au]

EDIT: and please let us know the outcome in here

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I also meant to say that ECC is quite an overhead and usually only needed if you require a very high level of data integrity. Normal use doesnt require ECC.
You will need to significantly increase your Air speed from 64 to about 125

Think of the mavlink data stream from you aircraft, it doesnt really matter if one packet is messed up because it’ll be sending updated data in a second anyway.
The only thing I’m not so sure about is if your ground station is sending guided commands to the aircraft, you dont want those being messed up. Although I’ve never seen an issue with that myself.