RFD900 Family Firmware

Hi @tridge and others, I have an RFD900+ and RFD900u that i’m setting up for telemetry. I have been unable to get the radios to communicate and have tried booting the radios with the latest firmware.

The RFD flash programmer and RFD900 tools expect that new firmware are .bin files. I can only find .ihx at

I have also been to the git site for SIK but i’m not confident with making my own build. https://github.com/ArduPilot/SiK

Where can I get the latest firmware as .bin? Or, how can I install the .IHX firmware.


Ok, I found this GIT repository https://github.com/RFDesign/rfdesign.github.io/tree/master/Files/firmware and installed the new RFD900x-AsyncRelease_V2.43.bin firmware. But now seem to have bricked my radio. I can’t get it into bootloader mode anymore. Mission Planner can’t connect. The green light is off, but it does flash when trying to connect to it.