RFD900 connection issues

Hi, just converted my system from pixhawk to pixhawk 2. I tried connecting my airside rfd900+ to telem 1 and telem 2 and can not get it to work. The radios show they are connected, led solid green, and both telem 1 and 2 are set at 57600 and RTS/CTS disabled. Same setup still works on my pixhawk. Tried to flash plane and mission planner will connect and I cant see the messages you normally would see on first startup like bad compass and no rc receiver but it never gets the parameters and disconnects. Tried with 3.4.3 and 3.4.2. Not sure what I can do next. I did have telem 1 hooked up to a rapberry pi 3 and mavlink worked over UDP.

edit. it is currently powered by USB to my desktop and connecting with a surface pro 3 with the RFD900+. Not sure if that matters but it always worked on my original pixhawk.

Thanks for any help!!

I got it to connect once, I tried another RFD900+ but never got it to keep connected. The one time it did mission planner was showing a responsive HUD and telemetry but other than that it was locked up/froze. The one time the radios did connect the red led on the airside was flashing fast like normal. Could this be related to the new drivers for ardupilot?

Edit: I tried again today with another RFD900 radio and still nothing. Seems like telem 2 will connect but never gets parameters and disconnects. @proficnc @rmackay9 do you guys have any suggestions? I noticed that SR1-SR3 were all at 0 so I set them to match SR0 but not luck. The RFD900 doesn’t seem to be getting any serial data or a constant stream…

sounds like a wiring issue maybe? rx an tx backward?

I tried another wiring connection. Just in case the pinout on the pixhawk 2 had an error i tried every possible combination. I know ground and power are correct, excluding RTS and CTS that only leaves TX and RX, I tried swapping the ramaining 4 wires on the TX and RX pins on the radio and have a sheet of all the combinations. Even hooked the radio up to my pixhawk to verify the radios are working. I am still completely lost as to what it may be…

So I finally figure out the issue. I was correct that the modem was not getting data but the one time it did for a few seconds made me think it was not software. It ended up being the second pin on the DF17 conneector was not secure, it looked like it was inserted the wrong way and did not lock in. This was missed because I have wire braid covering the set of wires. pin 2 being TX for the uart now it all makes sense. Seems obvious now but oh well. I ended up getting the pin in as best as I could and superglued them carefully to the connector housing.