RFD900+ and RFD900x compatibility

Hi All!

Is there any combination of firmwares and setting that can link RFD900+ and RFD900x together? I tried various combinations and all failed. I see that “format” number is different but does that mean that they are downward incompatible? Didn’t find anything informative on this topic (((

That’s a pity. Cross-compatibility could increase the value of both products. At least I don’t see why they can’t. The worst is that they don’t advertise that incompatibility, confusing users who have to wonder why RFD900, RFD900+, RFD900u are compatible, but RFD900x is not.

rfdx900x is a completely different architecture, based on a 32bit processor instead of the 8bit one in the older models.Downward compatibility is inhibiting new features. Why would somebody buy a thing with extended capabilities and use with a limited firmware?

The case is simple. I have old but still working UAV with RFD900p and I want to use it with my new ground station that I made for work with newer UAVs. I’m conscious of limitations, but I want to bind them without replacing modems.

Anyway, it would be great if they noted, that RFD900x is incompatible with other RFD900 models.