RFD868x Hardware V2 being very slow at "Getting Params"


I got myself a pair of RFD868x recently and now that i had time to set it up, i found it to be really slow by getting the params to mission planner. By slow i mean it takes like at least 15mins to get the params. My RFD868x settings are these:

Help would be highly appreciated.

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I’m facing the same problem. Slow download and huge delay to update values on mission planner. I don’t have problems with RFD900x, just the RFD868x.

Search this form, proper RFD868x parameters have been posted multiple times already.
We use it with encryption and we get all params within 20 seconds or so.

Do you mean ECC? I can’t turn it on…

Ok i turned AES encryption on and it it a bit faster now, like 5 minutes only now. But still a bit too slow for my favor… any other ideas?

In the screenshot you have baud 57, can you increase that to 115 ?

Doesn’t work somehow… Did change it in the RFD900 tools and also in mission planner and on the serial baud. Said “no heartbeat packets received”…

You have to read the documentation more carefully, 115200 baud is possible, but there is specific procedure to change it. And you need to change the airspeed as well. Please read the existing threads

Thanks, do you have any links? I didn’t find something…

Hi, I had the same problems 2 years ago or so… here my settings which did work. If I remember right, it had something to do with the number of channels…perhaps try to reduce to 5 and compare all other settings. I still use these radios, only difference to the 3d radio is that the connection is build up after about 20 sec… but then its getting the parameter within a few seconds. good luck!