RFD TXMOD v2 - Update 2.1.1


i made an update of the TXMOD to the current version 2.1.1 today. However, somehow I can not update the internal modem (RFDTxMod-v2_spiffs357.bin).

After the update the status page is displayed like this:


The previous version was 1.4.6 / Spiffs 3.38

Does anyone have a tip?

This was a typical user problem, but also some negligence of RFDesign as far as documentation is concerned.

I have a TXMOD v2.0. This version includes a radio with hardware revision 1.4, but the software version 2.1.1 is only for the TXMOD v2.1 with radio revision 2.x.

After I could clarify this, I flashed the correct firmware via FTDI cable (RFDSiK V3.57 rfd900x.bin). This worked without problems and the two radios could connect again.

However, with the RFD900 tools I now get the following display for each radio modem:

I have two RFD868x (none:unlocked). However, according to the screenshot, an RFD842x is displayed with a completely different frequency.

This makes me wonder if RFDesign can’t simplify the update procedure …

RFDesign replaces the radios because they now think they are RFD842x model …

I have moved this to the RFD hardware category and pinged someone I believe is part of their team in hopes they will help support you. I have given up on RFD TXMOD for these exact reasons.
You also could possibly send back that TXMOD if they would allow it and buy one of these, this kid is awesome and has lots of support, plus the price is great and it runs mavbridge on esp 8266.

@anon53993083: thanks for moving, but the problem is already fixed by replacement.

Did rfd care to share why things went sideways and why they updated to wrong frequency

I keep reading that the TXMod V2 has a v1.4 modem in it but the TXMOD V2 that I have purchased has a v2.0 modem in it.
I ran into the same problem trying to resolve a pairing issue and I also now only showing Software version 2.1.1 with no internal modem software. And when I tried to load the software using the FTDI cable and jumper and the RFD900 tools program, I have to force it into the boot loader mode due to no LED’s lighting up.
Once it’s got a solid red LED it’ll connect to the tools program but only allow me to install either the 2x gbl or 2xu gbl files and none of the 357spiffs files I have downloaded. And after it says the install completed and I press the load setting tab the red LED goes out and it suggests a power cycle due to not recognizing a device.
Power cycling didn’t do anything and the LED’s red or green don’t work still. And according to everything I’ve read, it says that the green LED will only work after completing the Wizard, which don’t you need a solid green LED and paired to another modem just to start the Wizard.
Anyone know what is going on here???

Hi @anon53993083
I prefer Frequency 433 Mhz to achieve about 80km range of Telemetry data link. (No need Rc)… Do you have solution?