RFD 900 Yaggi antenna is it suitable for 868 SOLVED

Hello campers,im not sure if I have picked this up correctly but can I use a RFD 900 yaggi antenna on a 868 system many thank’s.just came across a post says it is suitable for either frequency

The signal level from the mfg on my yagi’s look like compressed bell curves, so you might be getting away from the intended frequency and performance may not be as good as it could be. A little bit of reading you’ll probably know more than I, but you can measure the lengths and determine more closely what exact freq it was designed for.

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Hi Derek,thank you for your reply,I read on a shop id Australia,that the rfd yagi was suitable for both the 868 and 900 frequence,and then saw an advert for VAS Shapesshifterwas also suitable for 868/900 so I probably have read it a little wrong as i thought it was kinda universal,will do some me reading before I purchase

Is this one you are considering? https://store.rfdesign.com.au/antenna-900mhz-6dbi-yagi/

If you are using 868 I would find one more tuned for that, the one above looks for 902-928 (with best reception being somewhere in the middle)

Look closely when buying antennas, some places just want to sell you something and you could find a better antenna

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Yes that was the one,wont be buying it now there is a guy in eu makes them,he is on holiday at the moment will contact him when back to work,thank you for your help,while I have your attention and knowledge whats your thoughts on this one, https://www.flyingtech.co.uk//electronics/vas-shapeshifter-selectable-gain-antenna-868900mhz im not having any problems with the stock RFD antennas just stuff to play with and thank you

VAS / IBCrazy makes good antennas. That one has a fairly wide range, 825-975 MHz, so it would probably work fairly well at 868, looks to be centered on 900mhz. A bit of a compromise but would work decent and could also function in the 900mhz if you have anything that runs on that. The VAS antennas are nice in that IBCrazy usually has a video explaining all about it and the compromises they made

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thanks for that,may order it tomorrow

Hi Marty, do you have actual RFD radios, or some other brand?
If they are RFD then you won’t need a yagi unless you are flying long distances with obstructions.
I know you’ve got an EDU450 and their maximum range (without coming back) is about 22km, and RFDs will easily do that with their stubbie 1/4 wave antennas on the aircraft and the longer 1/2 wave antennas on the ground radio.

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Hi Shawn,yes I do have the 868 radio on my Hexsoon 450 and like it,it is the mod on my horus yea was just looking for stuff really and 22k is more than enough for me,just for a sctman my hand reach into my pockets so was wanting to buy something lol will send you a message in half hour or so and thank you